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We provide a range of pool repairs including line work, leak detection, waterline tile, deck, coping, pump, filter, heater & skimmer repair & replacement.

Pool Repair

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Expert Pool Repairs

Expert Pool Repair
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We have been providing a broad range of pool repair services to the Greater Oklahoma City Metro area for over 15 years. When you choose us, you are hiring dedicated experts who will make sure the repairs are done right and you're back to your lifestyle as fast as possible. Here is a list of our pool repair services. Please contact us if you need a service not listed below.

Line Work

The pipes and other parts of your swimming pool’s plumbing system (lines) need to be in good condition for it to function optimally. If you need pool line repairs of any kind, our experts are certified & experienced to provide line work service.

Leak Detection & Repair

Pools are built to be watertight, but the ground can shift, and parts of your pool can degrade or wear out, causing leaks through fittings, accessories, plumbing, or sometimes right through the shell. It’s important to repair water leaks immediately because even a small slow leak can create large underground holes, that can cause the entire pool to shift out of level and crack.

Waterline Tile Repair & Replacement

Waterline tile can become damaged, discolored, or worn out. If you have an older swimming pool, your tiles might have an outdated look that affects your pool’s appearance. We can change your waterline tile to completely transform the look of your pool, whether you prefer a decorative look or a look that blends into the surrounding features.

Deck Repair & Paver Replacement

Concrete pool decks & pavers get cracked, gouged, and begin to peel or break over time. This can cause safety hazards such as slipping and tripping. They also don’t look good and reduce the value of your property. We can repair or replace the deck or pavers to make it safer and increase the value of your home at the same time.

Coping Repair

Coping blends functionality with the aesthetic appeal of your pool and it can be used to cover cracks, breaks, or rough edges that might be hazardous. But even the most durable coping can become chipped or cracked over time. We can address this whether you want to do it in sections or address the entire pool.

Pump Repair

If your pool pump is not working correctly, it can produce a domino effect and cause harm to your other pool equipment. Common symptoms of pool pump issues include odd sounds, loss of suction, a dirty pool, and a pump that keeps shutting off. If you need pool pump service, contact us immediately.

Filter Repair

If you have filter problems, you may find yourself swimming in a filthy pool soon. A poorly filtered pool isn’t just gross and unappealing. It actually can cause health issues. Contact us if you think your filter isn’t working.

Heater Repair

Even in the hot Oklahoma summer, a swimming pool can be cold. Few things are worse than dividing into a pool you think is heated only to discover you are swimming in icy water. If your pool heater isn’t keeping your pool warm, give us a call.

Skimmer Repair

Skimmers are in every pool and are considered one of the most important features. The rectangular openings located on the side of an in-ground pool are referred to as built-in skimmers. Cleaning out your skimmer can help ensure it works optimally and will prevent unnecessary damage to your pool’s filtration system. If your skimmer gets cracked or damaged for any reason, we can repair or replace it and  typically get it back to service in one day.

Salt System Repair

If you have a salt system and it has failed, it can cause a lot of problems. Your water could become dirty, unsanitary, and even form algae. It can also corrode parts of your pool, leading to other costly repairs. Contact or call us so we can address this immediately and save you from unnecessary cost and headache.

LED Lighting Repair

If you haven’t tried swimming after sundown, you’re missing out. If your LEDs have burned out, broken, or water has settled behind the glass, contact us to fix these issues today.

And More

We handle all pool equipment problems. If you’re looking for a trustworthy pool company in the Greater Oklahoma City or surrounding areas, contact us today.

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